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Dell Open Manage is a hardware monitoring program from Dell for their servers. Note that when downloading and installing updates to hardware components, ALWAYS install the driver first and then the firmware.

To InstallEdit

1. Get the service tag of the server and go to the Dell site ( Enter the service tag and go the drivers section.

2. Under "Systems Management", find Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node (Windows),v7.3 for 64b and v7.1 for 32b.

3. Download, install, and done.

To Get In:Edit

1. Always check Dell OM when logged in to a server. It shows the status of all the hardware components.

2. Open IE and type in or (localhostname):1311.

3. The u/p will the local administrator account. If you cannot get the credentials, add an administrator to the local users on the server. (run - compmgmt.msc- users and groups- add user - password never expires - ok).

4. Log in to OM and look for any errors or warnings. The status of the components will be: A green check if good, a warning triangle if warning, and a red "X" if bad.