Description: Edit

Important info on the Epson V700 X-ray capable scanner:

The top lid does the scanning for x-rays and the bottom provides back-light. If the film is not close enough to the top lid then the light from the top will bounce around between the film and the lid causing the sensor to be flooded with light. The scanner does not come with a holder for Pan size film, so you have to use/make cardboard strips on both sides and tape them in place. The cardboard will act like a riser and the Pan film will bridge between the two pieces, allowing the top sensor to scan the film properly.

With the scanner open, looking at the top lid. The bottom .5” is white and the image should not overlap that area as specified from Epson support. Please make sure the film is at least .5” away from the top lip of the glass. Attached is an image of the area referenced.

Another point, found out from testing. The scanable area is smaller when using Home Mode. Use the Pro mode to allow a full scan.

The scanner actually has two locks. When rebooting the scanner it will make an odd noise and you get a red flashing light, check the locks. You will also get a communication error when trying to run the Epson scanner software if these are not checked.

To Resolve: Edit

1. The device can only be attached via USB to a workstation.

2. Go to the Epson website to download the latest drivers for the scanner and make sure it shows up as "ready" in devmgmt.msc.