Description: Edit

To install a networked printer to a workstation. These printers will be connected to the internal network usually via ethernet cable to the switch just like all the computers on the network. Sometimes they will be connected wireless to the modem on a different subnet, they should still work

To Resolve: Edit

1. Go to the computer you want to install the printer on and run and use the "Netscan" tool to scan the network and find the IP of the printer. You can also try and get the IP from the printer itself under its settings on it's LCD display that varies between vendors.

2. Once you get the IP of the printer, open a browser and navigate to the printer's IP. This should bring up the printer's "Web GUI". From here, just make sure it's set to a static IP address (IPv4).

3. Install the printer:

a. For XP: Run - control printers. Install a local printer using the TCP/IP port of the network printer.
b. For Windows 7: Run - control printers. Add a printer - select it from the network and install it through the wizard.

Network Printer Issues: Edit

An important thing to look at when troubleshooting network printers is the "Ports" tab on the printer properties.

1. Click on the TCP/IP port on the "Ports" tab and go to "Configure Ports" and make sure they match.

2. If they do NOT match, select a different port and delete the IP port. Then go to "add port" and add the IP port and select it.