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Unless specified, each of the programs listed will only work in a Windows environment. I have not tested any of these with a Linux distro using WINE. Specific programs will have specific issues to be addressed. One important term you may here when you hear about software is "proprietary". This refers to the fact that a company, or group of companies, owns the rights to a specific set of software and is most often "closed source" - or pay to use in most cases. The opposite of proprietary is "Open Source".

For example, many setups will be only Microsoft products: Windows 7 client workstations, Windows Server 2008 Server (maybe running DNS, Active Directory, ect roles), and MS SQL server as the primary database system. Other setups may have Windows 7 clients but have all server software running on Linux where most of the applications are open source and therefor free for use,  in such a case the primary database system may be MySQL.